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Cascom is a web-based staff rostering solution, specifically designed for casual staff management.

Cascom uses sophisticated staff-profile to work-request matching logic to deliver the most cost effective, qualified staff to their preferred work assignments. SMS text messaging, email and the Internet are used to offer, accept and confirm shifts.

Cascom was originally developed in conjunction with Northern Sydney, Central Coast Area Health in late 2003 and has been in operation for over 13 years. While the initial design centred on nursing, Cascom has evolved to cater for broader industries such as education, childcare, industrial, logistics, security, hospitality and emergency services.

Cascom has been in operation for over 13 years and there are currently 200,000 nurses, doctors, teachers, child carers, aged care and factory workers being placed into approximately 300,000 shifts per month in 1000’s of facilities across Australia.

Cascom has been launched in United States of America and Canada during 2014 and most recently in the UK and Europe

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